Infants (0-18 Months)

Our infants are not left behind in the learning process. Not only do they learn through play, but they also learn to interact with their peers and teachers. Our teachers and caregivers create and foster a loving and nurturing environment.

Toddlers (18-24 Months)

In the toddlers classroom we strive to make every moment a learning moment. We want each child to have fun while also being able to learn. We want to create activities to help develop a child's mind and body, as well as a child's social abilities. Our number one goal is to create a fun and comfortable environment for your child. As teachers in the toddler class, we create and build relationships with our children. We provide a loving and safe learning environment.

Early Learners (2-3 Years)

We have a base curriculum that fosters the children's individual interests and abilities. This enhances each child's learning, which promotes the opportunity to grow through concepts and skills. We focus our acitivities around fine and gross motor skills, academic, social, and emotional skills based on the child's developmental abilities. Our activities alternate between teacher directed and child centered experiences. This process prepares the children to expand their horizons and get ready to move onto to the pre-school room.  We also focus on self help skills including toileting, hand washing, and feeding. 

Pre-Schoolers (3-4 Years)

In the pre-school room, we strive to make all children our priority. The teachers help the students become familiar with a classroom setting while teaching them in the most fun way possible. We look at each child's developing level to help each child grow academically and socially.

Pre-Kindergarten (4-5 Years)

We believe children learn best in a classroom that provides an age-appropriate educational curriculum that is centered on the child. We aim to help every child to develop life skills that will foster independence, social skills, and cognitive development. Our goal is to prepare each and every child in our classroom to continue onto Kindergarten and excel in the traditional classroom.

Before and After School Programs
Our School-Age Program provides a safe, clean, and friendly environment with plenty of opportunities including home work help.  It gives students a chance time to assess and complete homework, with assitance provided by our teachers.  Given time, our school age students also engage in supervised games and activities, and outdoor fun and play.  We drop off and pick up from several neighborhood area schools. 

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